House Rules

Fallen of Saint Charles House rules

Revision 8

These house rules are intended for The Fallen of Saint Charles and all affiliated games

Within the Fallen Nights Org

House Rules

Article 1: Books Used

1:1- Main Book used is Laws of the Night Revised. All other books, including but not limited to, clan books, storytellers guide or any other MET book is left up to ST Discretion and approval.

Article 2: Clans

2:1- Any clan that uses “blood magic” must have a background turned in prior to play.

2:2- Any non Camarilla PC must have a background turned in prior to play & ST approval.

2:3 – All required backgrounds to be turned in 2 weeks prior to debut of new character without ST approval.

2:4 – Specific clan rules:    a) Caitiff – May not start as 8th or 9th Generation unless the flaw Dark Secret Diablere is taken or the flaw Known Diablerist is taken, flaw points will not be awarded when used in this manor. Caitiff will have no more than two physical in-clan disciplines.    b) Followers of Set – Can access Setite Thaumaturgy via elder Setites (similar to how Tremere learn their non-original path of Thaumaturgy).    c) Giovanni – Wraith Retainers should be written on a 3×5 item card stamped and approved by ST’s.    d) Lasombra – Do not appear on B&W video, however do appear on digital color video.    e) Malkavian – May make simple test to use Madness Network to tell if person they are conversing with is also a Malkavian.    f) Samedi – Necromancy is learned at out of clan costs and cannot be taught    g) Tremere – All Tremere start as Apprentice of the 1st Circle, unless the background of “Rank” is purchased. Further, all Tremere start with Path of Blood as their Primary path unless they submit reasons in their background that states otherwise and gain the permission of the ST’s to do so. Tremere pay out of clan costs for their non-primary path of Thaumaturgy.    g) Ventrue – Must turn in lineage prior to play. Ventrue must win a static mental vs. 9 to find a fellow Ventrue’s lineage. Ventrue clan lore ability will be required to do this during game time.

Article 3: Character Creation

3:1 Generation is rolled on a D20 with the following results:
RollGeneration Result
1-313th  Generation
4-712th Generation
8-1211th Generation
13-1710th Generation
18-199th Generation
208th Generation

3:2 Characters are allowed 7 points in flaws, 5 negative traits, a derangement or morality loss for 2 points, and five free points, a starting character must have no more than 19 points above the standard 7/5/3. Also, players start with 3 dots in basic in clan disciplines before points are spent

3:3 Morality drop or derangement can be taken for 2 additional points, only one of these can be taken at character creation.

3:4 Elder Generation maybe gained through Roleplay and not rolled. Maximum generation of 7th maybe gained through diablerie. In the event of gaining 6th generation the character becomes unplayable and is retired to Npc status.

3:5 Any character of Elder Generation may not enter play with elder powers.

3:6 At 9th Generation a kindred may possess 1 in clan elder power.

3:7 At 8th Generation a kindred may possess all 3 of his in clan elder powers and 1 master level power.

3:8 At 7th Generation a kindred may possess any elder power they have access to with unanomous ST approval, and a pre-shown white wolf MET write up for the power.

3:9 At 7th Generation a kindred may possess any elder power they have access to, 3 in clan master level powers & 1 in-clan ascendant level power.

Article 4: Traits

4:1 All kindred beings trait maximum is not to exceed generational limit. All PC ghouls have a 9 trait maximum., & ghouled creatures trait maximum of 6.

4:2 All characters must have a primary, secondary, tertiary trait category, 7/5/3 for supernatural creatures, 6/4/3 for ghouls.

4:3 When comparing traits on ties, only add in your abilities specialization, i.e. they don’t go away from your comparison total when burned for a retest.

4:4 The trait is lost at the entire end challenge if a loss occurs.

4:5 Overbid is a separate challenge. It can only be called when the initiator of the overbid admits defeat in the initial challenge. Overbid has all applicable retests. To qualify for an overbid, challenger must have over double (double + 1) traits over the challenged party. For example, to overbid a player with 7 traits, you will need 15 traits.

Article 5: Abilities

5:1 Awareness – player must have ST present to use this ability. Furthermore, the result is at ST discretion. This ability cannot be used to identify the effect, origin, or target of a power used. Awareness only tells you that a power has been used via static mental vs. mental test. Any non vampiric power is default at an 11 trait difficulty.

5:2 Linguistics – Players are allowed to have more than five languages, however, the more a character possesses the longer it will take to learn. Learn time for languages are as follows: Dead Languages – 2 months of study for first five dots. Modern Languages – 1 month of study for first five dots. Every five dots after initial set doubles the time needed to learn. So for example, dead languages dot 6-10 takes 4 months, 11-15 takes 8 and so on, the same goes for modern not to exceed one year.

5:3 Sabbat Ritae – does not work if you do not believe in the Sabbat and what they stand for, therefore any Sect Defectors or others who attempt to use them will not work.

5:4 Meditation – May be used during game to regain a single willpower. 15 minutes is required to regain a willpower.                        

5:5 No player may start with more than three dots in any given ability without permission of an ST. The only exception of this rule is with the use of the clan advantage, which will grant a fourth dot.

5:6 Learn times – Without a teacher or mentor dot 4 takes 3 months to learn, and 6 months for 5th dot. With a teacher or mentor learn times drop to 2 months and 4 months respectively.

5:7 Specializations – One may be purchased per ability with the permission of the ST’s. Learn time for specializations are as follows: Without a teacher – 3 months. With a teacher – 2 months.

Article 6: Backgrounds

6:1 Herd – grants a player amount of blood equal to each dot burnt for feeding, (i.e. herd 1 equals 1, herd 2 equals 2, therefor burning 1 dot + dot 2 = 3 blood)

6:2 Military is restricted, You must have St permission before buying &/or using.

6:3 Mentor – Restricted. 5 point mentor can teach you 2 advanced out of clan disciplines. You highest level of Mentor is lost every time Mentor is used. Mentors may not teach Advanced Clan specific disciplines, the exception to this rule is Dementation, as per genre they are happy to enlighten others.

6:4 Status, Boons and Prestige can be purchased as a background on a two for one basis with ST permission. All Status and Prestige should be written on your Stamped character sheet with when you received it and who gave it to you.

6:5 Toreador clan advantage – does not double and can only be used with their primary art.

Article 7: Merits

7:1 Natural Linguist – Doubles amount of Languages per dot (i.e. 1 dot = 2 languages) and cuts learning time in ½.

7:2 Ability Aptitude – Cuts learning time in ½ for specific ability chosen. Cannot be used for a combat ability.

7:3 Restricted Merits are as follows: Ambidextrous, Code of Honor, Debt of Gratitude, Enchanting Voice, Iron Will, Lucky, Natural Leader, Natural Linguist, Nine Lives, Medium, Oracular Ability, Prestigious Sire, Prestigious Bloodline, Spirit Mentor, True Faith, True Love, Unbondable and anything not in Laws of The Night Revised Edition.

7:4 Restricted Merits are all granted upon ST permission, and may not have more than one without a background and or ST approval.

7:5 Characters may have merits that add traits to challenges (i.e., Natural Leader and Enchanting Voice) however, only one is activated at a time, no stacking is allowed.

Article 8: Flaws

8:1 Restricted Flaws are as follows: Amnesia, Cursed, Cast No Reflection, Eerie Presence, Enemy, Infamous Sire, Infectious Bite, Disease Carrier, Flesh of the Corpse, Mistaken Identity, Nightmares, Probationary Sect Member, Touch of Frost, and anything not in Laws of the Night Revised Edition.

8:2 All restricted flaws are granted upon ST permission, and may not have more than one without an ST approved background.

Article 9: Ghouls

9:1 PC Ghoul creation – 6/4/3 traits, 5 background points, 5 ability points, 10 free points (convert to 5 when embraced), Derangement or Morality Drop for 2 points, 5 points in negatives, 7 points in flaws, and one free dot in a physical discipline of choice.

9:2 Ghouls may pay for further levels in the physical disciplines without a teacher at out of clan costs.

9:3 Ghouls may learn non-physical disciplines per normal rules, but includes blood consumption from a clan that has that discipline as an in-clan. This trait does not necessarily have to be from the teacher.

9:4 Ghouls Discipline levels are limited by their Regnant’s generation. 13-12th = basic. 11-10th = 1st intermediate. 9th = 2nd intermediate. 8th = 1 advanced. 7th = 3 advanced

9:5 Ghouls earn one additional point every month the ghoul is in play.

9:6 Embraced ghouls will be transferred as a Kindred with the experience earned from when the ghoul was played. Players will have to switch Ghoul specific merits and flaws to ones that will fit otherwise they are to keep the character as close as possible to what is already on the sheet.

9:7 Anything not in Laws of the Night Revised is at ST approval.

Article 10: NPC Ghouls

10:1 All non player character (NPC) ghouls should be noted on players Character sheet as dots in the Retainer background.

10:2 All backgrounds belong to the NPC not it’s controller. Any Background “routed” through the retainer should be noted upon the controller’s sheet, not the retainer’s.

10:3 Retainer may only posses Merits, Flaws, Negative Traits, etc. with the expressed permission of the ST’s.

10:4 Multiple Retainers should be listed separately upon controller’s sheet to avoid confusion (i.e. if you have two retainers one at 2 points and one at 5 points, they should be listed separately)

10:5 Player may invest 1-5 points in a retainer and may also spend XP on that retainer with a ratio of 1 XP per the value of retainer (i.e.: each 1 XP spent on a 5 point retainer gives the retainer 5 XP). A retainer may not earn more XP in a month than her Regnant and cannot posses more XP than her Regnant.

10:6 A Character may NOT possess more than 5 supernatural retainers, however she may possess any number of mundane retainers.

10:7 Mundane Retainers may not possess more than 50 XP on their sheets.

Article 11: Virtues

11:1 Losing a Virtue test results in the gaining of the appropriate negative traits as well as the resulting Frenzy.

11:2 Losing a test where a Virtue Trait was used in a retest results in the permanent loss of the virtue, the gaining of a temporary derangement, as well as the resulting Frenzy, plus the addition of the appropriate negative traits from the initial challenge.

11:3 Winning the retest results in the temporary loss of the virtue trait that was retested

11:4 A character may only bid a number of Self-Control Virtue traits equal to the amount of blood they currently possess in ties.

11:5 Characters may expend a temporary virtue trait during sign-in to regain an additional willpower.

Article 12: Blood

12:1 Healing is instantaneous and blood can be spend for healing at any time during a combat round up the generational maximum. Aggravated damage may only be healed while in a restful sleep during the day.

12:2 Blood Bonds – A regnant may not tell if a blood bond has been successfully established to a thrall until a satisfactory time and continued reinforcement of the bond has occurred to the ST’s approval. When a Regnant’s bond breaks, only the 3 point bonded Thralls can feel the bond breaking, and even those are not felt if they have not been reinforced to the ST’s satisfaction.

12:3 A Regnant does not feel the blood bond break if a Thrall dies or commits Vauldrie.

12:4 Per Laws of the Night Revised Edition, a kindred on Path of Humanity may spend blood to gain an aspect of mortality. One extra blood must be spent for every level your humanity falls below 5, in addition to the first. Kindred on a path may not attempt this.

12:5 Blood expenditure for Physical traits beyond generation limits, lasts for the round not the action.

12:6 If the player wins the blood test at the beginning of the night they start with full blood, minus appropriate flaws and other affects. Tie is 2/3 and loss is 4 blood traits.

Article 13: Willpower

13:1 Refreshed at a rate of 3 per game session

13:2 Can be used defensively in most mental and social challenges including Majesty.

13:3 May not be used to retest an Auspex vs. Obfuscate challenge nor in an Obfuscate vs Auspex challenge.

13:4 Can be used to gain an ability that is not possessed, but said ability may NOT be used for a re-test, only to initiate ability challenges

13:5 Can be used to regain all traits once per category per night.

13:6 Can be used to ignore the effects of frenzy but must be spend before any virtue tests

13:7 Can be spent to control Frenzy for one round after it has started

13:8 Can be spent to stay awake during the daylight hours for a number of hours equal to your Morality rating

13:9 Willpower is YOUR LAST retest excluding luck.

Article 14: Character Death and Experience:

14:1 When a PC dies they do NOT get back any spent XP

14:2 Players may use any unspent XP up to a maximum of 30 on their next character

14:3 XP earned for a game goes to Character NOT player, therefore XP earned for one character MAY NOT be spent on another

14:4 New First time players get 1 XP at the end of the night of play for their first game.

14:5 ST’s with characters based out of Saint Charles receive Max XP at the start of the month and 1 point for each game they ST or Play.

14:6 Narrators receive 1 XP at the start of each month as a thank-you for their duties.

14:7 Characters that are not played in Fallen of Saint Charles for 4 consecutive months will be shelved and considered out of play in any games and on lists, until the player contacts the ST staff and makes other arrangements.

Article 15: Combat

15:1 Retests: Discipline retests such as Might and Awe cannot be canceled

15:2 Trait loss is determined by the final tests, and this loss applies in all future trait comparisons, including overbids. Always add in your ability specializations for trait comparison in ties. In a given combat segment, all challenges are resolved simultaneously, and all effects will also occur simultaneously unless otherwise noted. 

15:3 Aggravated Damage is applied first

15:4 Guns inflict Lethal damage on Kindred

15:5 Two Gun Mojo or Florentine: Player must bid three extra traits when using their off-hand after having used their primary hand in their normal action. Again, two gun mojo is a firearms specialization, florentine is a melee specialization and cannot be taken in addition to another specialty in the same ability.

15:6 Traits bidding for off-hand actions go as follows:    Normal – 2 traits primary hand, 4 traits off hand    Ambidexterity – 2 traits primary hand, 2 traits off hand    Two Gun Mojo or Florentine – 1 trait primary hand, 3 traits off hand    Both Merit and Ability – 1 trait primary hand, 1 trait off hand

15:7 All actions must alternate from good hand to off hand. A PC with swiftness will fire first with their primary hand in the normal phase, then once with their off hand in swiftness, and then pack though their primary hand for the final action.

15:8 Torpor – Character will wake in 6 months minus their humanity rating if by yourself or with help per book.

Article 16: Diablere

16:1 Victim is to be drained of all blood and Health Levels prior to challenges

16:2 Challenger must win 3 challenges of an on-going series. For each test lost, the diablerist takes exhaustion damage, which may be healed instantly. If the to-be diablerist falls incapacitated before winning the 3rd test, the teeth rip out of the victim, killing the body.

16:3 A successful diablere (provided that diablerist drops in Generation and survives the night) is awarded 2 points at the end of the game session.

16:4 When looked at in Auspex Diablere veins are automatically seen for three months. Auspex challenge may look for veins for 6 months, after 6 months the veins are gone.

16:5 Diablerist must make a series of simple tests one for each and every negative trait, derangement and flaw on victims sheet. Test results are as follows:    Win – Gain no Derangement, Flaws or Negative traits    Tie – Gain Derangement, Flaw and Negative traits temporarily for 6 months    Loose – Permanently gain Derangement, Flaw and Negative traits.

16.6 If a victim possess 4 or more dots in an ability, and the diablerist has 3 or less he may purchase 1 dot in that ability immediately.

Article 17: Disciplines

17:1 MUST be In order to possess a Combo-Discipline 1 of said disciplines e IN CLAN

17:2 Courtesy Rule (10 Minutes) comes into play when a character makes use of a Mental or Social Disciplinary challenge against another Character and fails. Before attempting another action of the same type again against the same Character you must wait 10 minutes before making a new challenge. This rule is ignored in Combat.

17:3 Abilities specializations are added in to final result in challenges using applicable disciplines.

17:4 A Character may not have more out of clan advanced disciplines than in clan advanced disciplines. This also means that you cannot have more than three advanced out of clan disciplines. For non primary paths of Thaumaturgy or Necromancy, they count as one half, assuming that the respective discipline is in clan. A character must have one in clan advanced discipline before learning any out of clan advanced.

17:5 All form powers do not become active until the end of the round after proper expenditures are fulfilled.

17:6 Form powers do not stack.

17:7 Discipline Learning – To learn an out of clan discipline, the teacher must be willing and have one level higher than the level being taught.

17:8 All disciplines are per book, the only exceptions to this rule are listed below. Any questions please ask the ST’s for clarification.

a) Animalism – 1) Beckoning Summons 1 animal containing one blood trait per social trait spent. There are more creative ways to use this discipline that are not limited by this rule. 2) Feral Whispers may be used to communicate with others who share this power, however Character must spend a social trait to do so, and must make eye contact. 3) Subsume – May use Obfuscate at a 2 trait expenditure 4) Subsume – The ST’s must know and have authority over where your body is. Location must be written on a 3X5 stamped card. You must have a stamped character sheet or item card with all relevant stats for your “suit.” Also, your real body may use any levels of Fortitude it possesses to soak sympathetic damage except in the case of the suit’s death where in you fall to Torpor.

b) Auspex –    1) Per Book with the following clarifications:            a) With proper IC suspicion a character may use Aura Perception to look for                               Characters in Psychic Projection as well as Wraiths by expending a mental trait prior to the test then initiating a mental challenge.            b) Telepathy – can not be detected unless the user wants to let the victim know by talking directly to them. If the victim has telepathy or the challenger fails a “dig” challenge telepathy can be also detected.. There is no mental “knock, knock” rule.            c) Psychic Projection does allow for the user to use Mental and Social disciplines if the user expends the willpower trait necessary to manifest each round. All other rules per book

c) Celerity – 1) Per book 2) Bomb and Ties are allowed when using firearms, however you do get the firearms retest or cancel another’s ability retest if these are used.  Firearms ability specialization is still counted in on ties. 3) You may not use more levels of Celerity than you have Levels of Obfuscate and remain unseen

d) Dementation –    1) Haunting and Total Insanity lasts for one hour 2) The user of Total Insanity must use note cards to randomly draw the derangements. The Player should carry a set and each card should have a description and game effects. All decks must be approved by an ST 3) Voice of Madness targets are not able to use willpower to ignore the Rotschrek.    4) Eyes of Chaos must check for derangement first, then they can look for a victim’s nature. 5) When learning the first level of this discipline any non-malkavian player automatically gets a derangement.

e) Dominate –      1) Obfuscate is allowed as a 2 trait Possession 2) Defender may use the Intimidation ability only to cancel the offender’s retest (I’m too intimidating to be intimidated) 3) You may use any Fortitude you possess to soak sympathetic damage your suit gets, however, if the suit dies when in Possession the controller falls into Torpor. All rules of Torpor apply. 4) The ST’s must know and have authority over where your real body is while in possession. This location must be on a Stamped 3×5 Card 5) The Players must have a character sheet or stamped 3×5 card with all relevant stats for their suit. (See NPC ghoul rules for further information) 6) When burning blood while possessing, the blood comes out of the possessed body. Therefor, when possessing a mortal, there is no vampiric blood to burn, a ghoul only has 5 traits. Furthermore, a ghoul can only spend 1 trait per round.

f) Fortitude - 1) Per book with the following exceptions:    2) Mettle gets 1 health level,    3) Resistance tests down 1 damage,    4) Aegis must be blown to prevent staking before the simple tests for staking are thrown 5) If Fortitude challenges prevent all damage of staking, then the kindred cannot be staked and no simple challenges are thrown. 6) Aegis does not necessarily eliminate the effects of a Carrier attack like Cauldron (blood loss) or the effects of Scorpion’s Touch.    7) Aegis will not be able to soak Malestorm damage 8) Aegis will not be able to soak damage cause from wraiths (ei. Stone hand punch)

g) Obfuscate -

   1) Willpower may not be spent as a retest vs. Auspex    2) When using Vanish, the defender may not use willpower as a retest 3) Cloak of the Gathering is limited to line of sight and 15 ft in diameter, and can only be used on lesser Obfuscate powers. Hiding items, or changing clothing (i.e. my shotgun looks like an umbrella, or my shirt is black and not blue) is an elder power, and not allowed.    4) Majesty breaks any attempts to hide, except that of Mask of 1000 Faces.

h) Obtenebration        5) While in Tenebrous Form a Vampire cannot establish a grasp nor can they be grasped.    6) Shroud of the Night breaks line of sight, however does negate Majesty.    7) Occult is the appropriate retest for Arms of the Abyss (unless abyssal mysticism is in play) 8) A user of Arms of the Abyss can not have more active Arms than the user possesses Social Traits. 9) Black Metamorphosis is a Form Power. It gives the user 1 additional attack with which no weapons or similar bonuses may apply. 10) Black Metamorphosis does not imbue the user with extra Social traits, however it does allow the user to bid 3 traits higher in a social Intimidation challenge. 11) To transform into Tenebrous Form does not require concentration, but does still require blood and time as per book.    12) All Obtenebration effects occur at the everyman action. 13) Abyssal Mysticism will be allowed on a case by case basis.

1) Shadow Play gives the user +1 trait in ties in tests of Intimidation. It does give the Intimidation trait to the user. This trait does not apply to Summons challenges, unless the user is in line of sight. 
2) Arms of the Abyss have the users Potence levels minus one level, or Fortitude minus one level. 
3) Shroud of the Night and Arms of the Abyss cannot be placed where the user cannot see. Shroud of the Night and Arms of the Abyss dissipate if the user leaves and loses line of sight to the area. However, concentration is not required for the use of these disciplines.
4) While in Tenebrous Form a Vampire may move 3 steps per combat action.

I) Potence    1) Potence Leaping is 1 additional steps per level (basic, intermediate, advanced) not 1-5    2) Potence Punching is 1 additional steps per level (basic, intermediate, advanced) not 1-5.

j) Presence

   1) Awe requires line of sight for both the user and victim    2) Natural Leader applies to all Presence levels    3) Majesty is broken for the round (all levels of celerity in a round) and has a 30 ft Radius    4) All Presence Powers may be used in Majesty 5) All Social or Mental Disciplines may be used in Majesty so long as you take no harmful offensive actions (Quell the beast will break Majesty).     6) Majesty goes up at the end of the Round

k) Protean    4) Claws of the Beast are considered a Form Power    5) A player in Mist Form cannot establish a firm grasp nor can they be grasped 6) Earth Meld is not a form power therefor you may still be in Shape of the Beast or have Claws out and still Earth Meld.

1) A character in Mist Form may move at 2 steps per action, use disciplines that do not require a physical form or eye contact, and cannot expend blood. 
2) All Protean effects take effect at the end of the round in which blood was spent to achieve those effects. 
3) The MET conversion for Shape of the Beast from the Gangrel Clan Book will be the current system used for Gangrel Only. No more than 3 traits can be assigned to any one trait category. Only Gangrel may chose a form other than Wolf or Bat. All others using Protean Powers must go by the Laws of the Night Revised Edition rules.

l) Quietus

   1) Blood coatings on weapons are limited to the number of bonus traits of the weapons. 2) Only one use of scorpions touch or baal’s caress takes affect per strike.    3) Baal’s Caress converts 1 damage per hit into aggravated damage 4) The trait lost for Scorpion’s Touch is one of the traits off the character sheet of the victim, not physical traits gained from blood expenditure. The trait loss is also cannot be refreshed until the next sunset. 5) Scorpion’s Touch Does NOT need to damage the target to affect the victim, however Baal’s Caress Does need to do damage to the target. 6) Dagon’s Call Requires an action to invoke and the user must only risk willpower to activate the power instead of spending it. Victim may use Survival as a retest 7) The range for Taste of Death is 30 ft and blood spent does count towards your Generational limit and you are limited to 1 trait per action. Damage done by this attack deals 2 aggravated damage instead of 1.    8) Silence of Death goes up at the end of the round it was activated in.

m) Serpentis    5) Eyes of the Serpent only prevents Physical Movement 6) Venomous bite deals 1 additional Lethal damage to Supernatural Creatures and Ghouls with Fortitude. A mortal or Ghoul without Fortitude takes 1 unsoakable Lethal damage every 10 minutes until treated. 7) Heart of Darkness can only happen on the night of the new moon and can only be performed on a WILLING victim/beneficiary, and not on a torpored body. Assuming that the entire night is spent towards this goal, only two hearts may be removed in a given lunar cycle. This may only be used on WILLING subjects meaning that NO supernatural influences may apply. 8) The heart removed with Heart of Darkness must be bathed in 1 blood trait once per month, or suffer the following penalties:       a) Gain the negative Physical trait Lethargic and the negative Social trait Callous       b) Suffer the effects of the flaw Deep Sleeper    Should the heart not be bathed for six months the vampire will gain the following penalty:       a) Suffer the effects of the flaw Thin Blooded Should the heart not be bathed for a year of more the vampire falls into a deep Torpor like slumber, from which they can only be awakened by bathing the heart in 10 traits of blood from a Vampire or Vampires of the same or lower generation as the heart.

1) Tongue of the Asp allows the user to inflict 1 Aggravated wound OR take one blood after the initial hit has been scored. 
2) Tongue of the Asp is retested with the Athletics ability and uses Celerity instead of Potence, due to it being a ranged attack. 
3) All Serpentis Form powers (except Tongue of the Asp) do not take effect until the end of the turn that the blood was expended to achieve that effect. 
4) If a character has had it’s heart removed the player must have it written on the character sheet as well as a stamped 3x5 card stating such. The card should also state who removed the heart, be it you or someone else, and the location of the heart.

n) Thanatosis        1) Only 1 use of Thanatosis is allowed per action on a victim    2) Head shots are allowed ONLY if the victim is immobilized in (can’t resist being touched)

o) Vicissitude    6) Horrid Form is assumed at the end of the round of the 2nd blood expenditure 7) Blood Form – Kindred can burn blood while in this form, however, they cannot establish a firm grasp nor can they be grasped while in this form. 8) When splitting into more than one separate “Blood Piece” while using Blood Form, the user must declare one (and only one) of the pieces from which they may use Auspex and similar disciplines from. Furthermore, the user may only reform from this piece or another blood piece that is within 50 ft. of the user of the discipline.    9) Changing into Blood Form takes 1 round 10) No uses of Vicissitude will negate the “Curses of Caine,” therefor for example a Nosferatu will regain their ugliness at the end of the night.

1) Malleable Visage - Assuming a form that the user is “practiced” in takes 5 minutes. Changing to an “unpracticed” form takes 10 minutes. Minor alterations (eye color, ect) may take less time at ST discretion. 
2) Fleshcraft can grant 1 permanent Social, can be above generational max, however the beneficiary gains the negative traits Fragile and Delicate, that remain as long as you keep the social. 
3) Fleshcraft - a Physical trait may be lost to gain a health level, but a health level may NOT be sacrificed to gain a Physical trait. 
4) As a carrier attack with Fleshcraft, one blood may be spent to give a target the negative social Repugnant as a combat action, however no other alterations to any opponent may be made as a combat action (sealing of eyes, mouth, ect) 
5) Bonecraft - takes a time limit of 1-8+ hours when using this discipline to make alterations. As a carrier attack one blood may be spent to inflict one additional damage on a single hand to hand strike. No alterations to an opponent may be made as a combat action (i.e. grafting yourself to someone)

Article 18: Sects

18:1 Sabbat PC’s are to be played in the Sabbat Genre games only.

18:2 Traveling characters are subject to denial by the storytellers of the game the player is attending.

18:3 If at any point in time an ST requests your sheet or denies you right to play that character in their chronicle until information is varified with the story teller staff of the other chronicle. That is the Story teller’s right. The Decision may be appealed to the Hst’s of both games.

18:4 A character playing outside of sect within that chronicle’s genre must have a character background and playable character sheet approved prior to sign in.

18:5 A player who is recruited into another sect is placed immediately on shelf until the storyteller staff gives approval.

House Rules

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