Welcome to the Fallen of Saint Charles!

The last two years were all but a dream. The atrocities, the passions, the deeds great and small. The ascent of Justicar Kincaid and his subsequent destruction as a known infernalist. All these and many other things you believed true were naught but a dream… but while the Kindred of the Jewel of the Camarilla were sleeping, ensorcelled by powerful magics, the members of the Sabbat came in and took over all that the Camarilla had built. But they weren’t the only ones to capitalize on the downfall of the Ivory Tower…

The Demon known as Bartemous Ptolomy has begun to build a base of power. Infernal practices have become largely problematic and the chance encounters with ancient and powerful evils are become less of chance and more of common occurrences. The Kindred of the Ivory Tower have awakened, driven back the Sabbat and now stand ready for their chance to retake the glory that was once the domain of St. Charles. Will the Jewel of the Camarilla be restored to its former glory, or will the power hungry Kindred of the domain fall to their own scheming and backstabbing?

You have Fallen into Darkness. You have Fallen into a world of imagination. You have Fallen and you can’t get up! Now join the Fallen of St. Charles!

Fallen of Saint Charles